Introducing ALPHA

ALPHA Academic Consultants is a global leader in academic consulting, university placements, in the delivery of  FOUNDATION courses, PRE-MEDICAL studies as well as we are a LANGUAGE center. We have been in the industry for more than 25 years as an organization with members of our staff exiting 30 years of experiences in education. We do know the best practices to help you achieve your goals of studying at the most suitable university and country. We are active in EUROPE, MEA and the rest of AFRICA, offering world education opportunities to our students and representation services to universities. Our customers can reach us from all over the world via in person contact or via online sessions.  Alpha Consultants customers range varies from younger ages to anyone who is still ignite their passions in learning. Secondary education students, high school students, university students, university graduates and professionals who are in need of further development. A range of well-known Universities trust ALPHA with their representation in country and abroad offering our students further benefits. Our specialised academies offer academic development to our students in order to succeed in their chosen field of study and excel at University.

With over 25 years of experiences in education Alpha Academic Consultants provide students and their families with specialised individual attention, first-hand knowledge of hundreds of educational opportunities, and the time to explore all of the options.

With our extensive knowledge of schools, colleges and universities around the globe we can broaden the potential choices, and provide vital help in weighing factors such as quality of education, cost, location and standards of living but most importantly course curriculum. Our students have the opportunity to explore a wider variety of options and discuss possibilities in a meaningful way.

All our consultants travelled around the world visiting universities in order to obtain first hand experiences which are then passed onto our students. Alpha Consultants members of staff all subscribe to the Good Practice Principles and are required to annually sign and follow the principles as part of their employment in good standing.

We are committed to helping each and every individual make the right choices for their future by offering professional advice on career development and self-improvement. Our services cater very much to the individual’s needs – we pride ourselves in taking our time to get to know our students and offering advice applicable to them – from which course to choose to the best location to suit them.

Meet the team

Sotia Karatzia Santangelo

MA, MSc, PGDip, BA

Our Director Mrs. Sotia Karatzia Santangelo masters a successful career in the sector of higher education and business development and management, since 1997. Highly focusing on the individual seeking for assistance she draws the lines on providing the correct and adjusted pathway to each of her students. By travelling the world, she visits each and every university she believes suitable for her students in order to have first-hand experiences to pass onto her students and their parents. In 2005 she starts up her own business Alpha Academic Consultants which she operates successfully. She is also the owner and Managing Director of CYPF, MedFc and RiDM academies. Mrs. Santangelo received her Degrees from UK Universities where she lived and studied in her early 20s. She also lived in Italy. She studied BA Business Management, MSc Human Resource Management, BSc Psychology and PGDiploma in Career guidance. Mrs. Santangelo is highly engaged with education development activities in Cyprus and abroad.

Ignazio Santangelo

Admissions Director

Certificate, Diploma, BA

Mr. Ignazio Santangelo is Italian married in Cyprus. Mr. Santangelo is also owner of Alpha, CYPF, MedFc and RiDM. He is our head of applications administration and liaison with universities covering the full applications processes. Mr. Santangelo completed his studies in Culinary Arts and Cabin Crew in the UK where he lived, worked and studied since his teens. Having worked in Newcastle Restaurants for a few years he shifted his career and worked as an admissions administrator in Gateshead College in Newcastle. Ignazio obtained extensive training for this career shift as well as performed numerous trips to universities both locally and abroad, mainly round Europe in order to attend recruitment conferences and meet with university staff members for administration procedures and updates. In 2020 Ignazio obtained his BA in Business Administration. He is now offering training to our younger trainees. Ignazio Speaks Italian, English and Greek.

Panagiotis Sergiou

Larnaca Branch Director / Senior Academic Consultants

MA, MSc, PGDip, BA

Mr. Panagiotis Sergiou has been working with Alpha since 2011 and is another valuable member of our Group. He is the lead Academic Consultant in our offices in Larnaca Cyprus. Mr. Sergiou completed his studies in Greek Philology at the University of Patras in Greece and upon completion of his internship at Alpha Academic Consultants in the summer following his studies he progressed onto the MA/PGDip in Career Guidance at the University of Sunderland. Mr. Sergiou followed extensive training regarding student counselling via local and international seminars, most of them within prestigious universities in the UK. Also attended numerous agent conferences in the UK and travels to many different countries on an annual basis in order to obtain personal touches, further flourishing his knowledge and skills in university recruitment and student counselling.

Konstantinos Kosmidis

Greece Branch Director

MSc,PGDip, BSc

Mr. Kosmidis is the Managing Director of our office in Athens, Greece. After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Liverpool, Mr. Kosmidis was appointed Fellow of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), and is still an active member of the UK Centre for Tissue Engineering (UKCTE). Currently, he is also the owner and Director of Studies at UKFC Foundation course of Athens, where he painstakingly prepares students for life and study at British Universities. Konstantinos is the lead academic counsellor in Athens.

Efthymia Martini

Greece Branch Manager / Senior Academic Consultant


With both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Political, International, European and Geostrategy, Efi is our Senior Academic Advisor and Admissions Manager at Alpha Academic Consultants Office and UKFC Foundation College in Athens, Greece. With more than ten years experience in the field of education, she is assisting students in their growth and development by constructing meaningful educational plans which are compatible with their life goals. She is a true specialist into providing sensitive and thoughtful support to our students as they wrestle with the many choices open to them.

Markos Santangelo

BA Candidate / Business Development Trainee

Mr. Santangelo is our junior trainee consultant for Global Recruitment. He has completed his high school studies at Pascal English School Nicosia and his Military training in Cyprus. Mr. Santangelo is studying to obtain his Business Management Degree. He is dividing his time between the 3 locations, Cyprus, Greece and Beirut in order to complete his training for our global recruitment strategies. Mr. Santangelo has travelled abroad significantly visiting various higher education institutions in order to be able to embrace the business needs in terms of global university recruitment and admissions.

Katia Matar

Lebanon Branch Director / Senior Academic Consultant MEA Area

Vision & Mission

 “WE ARE transforming lives through revolutionary, comprehensive and entrepreneurial education consulting and university placements

Via a challenging processes we offer our students accurate comprehensive consulting by enriching their knowledge via the provision of all-inclusive information on courses and universities worldwide.  Via our approaches our students not only choose their preferred academic studies, and university but we help them develop their personal and interpersonal skills, alongside with valuable experiences preparing them for only successful steps ahead.

We motivate our students to become confident individuals to follow successful careers and become valuable members of society. All our offices in Cyprus and Greece provide a trusted, modern and innovative learning experience that will ensure you achieve your full potential. All our team members are committed to providing students with a professional, warm, friendly and supportive environment.  We are dedicated to fostering the individual success of our students and their development as well-rounded, responsible and informed citizens of the world.

  • Ensure the quality of our services through continuous evaluation and updates;
  • Listen to the needs of our students and their families;
  • Manage our resources responsibly;
  • Ensure through orientation, professional development and evaluation that all employees at ALPHA are aware that the ultimate purpose of their work is the success of the students;
  • We also Invest in travelling to various countries visiting universities and learning of in country cultures.
  • Recognize and respect the differences amongst people and we handle each and every one accordingly.
  • We form collaborations with Universities, Colleges and Academies in order to offer further benefits to our students;
  • We attend regular training at various universities for ensuring our own personal development before transferring this knowledge onto our students.
  • We are operating our own academies for making sure each and every one of our students are both personally and academically ready to face the challenges lying ahead.
  • Each and Every one of our students count. “We have room to care” instead of being an alienating place. Our students do feel our caring and they all matter to us. Each and every student is valuable to us and their individual learning is our scope of existence. Within our tighter knit community you are less likely to feel alone as well as you will be making lifelong friends.

“The wings of transformation are born of patience and straggle”