Medical Preparation

Internationally accredited, traditional, Medical Universities in Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Hungary and Bulgaria. Offer high-quality medical studies in English for students from all over the world, but also from their own country. Tuition fees are low and the student’s cost of living is particularly low. Admission to some universities is achieved after entrance examinations, while others only by submitting a complete ‘envelope’ of the candidate

Entrance Exams

Applications with the complete “folders” of studies are prepared by our academic advisers.

Admissions (where required) usually take place at the premises of Alpha Academic Consultants in Nicosia and Athens, which helps you earn not only in time and money, but also in … self-confidence and success!

Application Dates 

Import applications shall be submitted:

The UK and Irish Universities until mid-October and by the end of January respectively.

In some Universities in Central Europe and Bulgaria applications are accepted until the end of August / early September.

Timely submitting a complete application is very important!

 Graduates of other schools related to Medicine can apply for direct admission to the 2nd or 3rd year of Medicine.

 Duration of Study & Cost

The duration of studies for medical professions is 4, 5 or 6 years, depending on the state, the university and the school you choose to attend, and the tuition fees range from € 2,250 / year to € 14,000 / year.

The total cost of living, including accommodation, in some countries ranges from € 350 to about € 750 / month.


  • Brief, intensive preparation for entrance exams (chemistry, biology in English) at our facilities
  • Examining Center at our Offices for most Universities