MedFC Pre-Medical Foundation – MEDICAL STUDIES

We are proud of our Academies which are built upon our many years of experience in the field of education, our engagement to teaching and learning.  Our bases are rooted on the preparation of students for entering and successful completing University studies globally. Our academies have been created to deliver high quality education benefiting our students and providing universities with high quality of graduates.

We achieved a 100% success rate through the years by diligently working on our syllabuses and adjusting these to the standards of the highest ranking universities in Europe. This enthralling success rate has been achieved through excellence in teaching; personal support to our students, adjustment to education culture changes and development, the use of modern technologies, our involvement in research.  We managed to form a student oriented educational environment for the students of today and tomorrow. Our friendly and highly experienced staff is next to our students along the way.

We work closely with universities and constantly adjusting our unique preparation programs, designed for those students who don’t yet meet the university requirements, those who are not yet confident to join university and those who wish to enhance their previous studies for entering TOP RANKING universities globally.

Whether your academic background allows you to apply for a degree program or you require some additional preparation before your studies WE ARE HERE TO HELP!!  You will certainly find what you are looking for in one of our 4 academies.

Both our undergraduate and postgraduate pathway programs support students in improving your academic portfolio and developing specific academic knowledge, improve your English or learn a new language, prepare you for medical studies, for entering the glamorous world of fashion or just give you a personal push to trust yourself and gain that kind of confidence to succeed through university.

We commit to help you comfortably settle into life in a new country and ready for your studies.  Our numerous of graduates are a simple example in addition to the recognition we received from those high profile universities and still receiving based on our current developments.