A new country, a new city, your new home.

So you passed your exams, enjoyed the summer… and all of a sudden it’s time to move! We can take care of everything – from arranging your accommodation – either on campus or in shared housing, right through to booking your flights.

Alpha Consultants team members can find the most suitable room for you where

Alpha Consultants representatives travel with our students every September, ensuring their big move goes as smoothly as possible, safe in the knowledge they have someone to turn to whenever they need. Because we travel in a group, most of our students make new friends they will spend the next few years with before they even get off the plane!

what to expect from your accommodation?

All inclusive: en-suite or studio rooms / bills included / Gym / breakfast / post on side / cleaning service and more !

Amazing community of friends from all over the world!

Live in the city and Live next to uni!

Friendly staff on reception 24 hours a day, people who you can count on as family !

You’ll find everything you could possibly need as a student, with spacious en-suites and fully fitted kitchens.

Within our services for student housing we look for much more than a student apartment. We look for the student experience. Your happiness and safety is our utmost priority, so 24/7 security and friendly residence teams are always on hand.

Who we represent – whereas students wishes to stay in other halls we have a showcase for all providers.