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About ALPHA Consultants Fairs

Southern European countries are major student recruitment markets for the majority of Universities all around the world. Families are investing in their children’s education as well as the adults in their own.  100% of school leavers are moving on to higher education of all levels and all kinds. They are choosing between theoretical and practical studies of all kinds and therefore the need of presenting to them what kind of education is available to them out there it is vital.

Alpha Consultants cherish 22 years of experiences in higher education recruitment whereas we are ready to host educational institutions at our STUDENT RECRUITMENT FAIRS in CYPRUS and GREECE. Our fairs are open to all higher education institutions as well as to all post high school academies and secondary school institutes which are focusing in the preparation of students for their studies.

Where Millennials end and Generation Z begins

The Millennial generation, also known as the Net Generation, is the most computer literate generation who have been raised in an era of instant access. Their learning and communication style is through multi-media. Learning has even moved into web based tools thus the different environment of this technologically enhanced generation will be important to be noted for education

Generation Z has officially entered university! And just like the Millennials before them, this fast moving generation is disrupting the way learning happens in higher education. But these differences go beyond just a greater dependence on technology as Gen Z-ers tend to embrace social learning environments, where they can be hands-on and directly involved in the learning process. They expect on-demand services that are available at any time and with low barriers to access. And they tend to be more career-focused earlier on in their university careers.

Here at ALPHA we embrace these culture changes and we move along with the trends of our times.  We are here to help our students to find the best destination in their lives by choosing the most appropriate Higher Education Institution for their own needs and demands. We are also here to help Higher Education Institutions to recruit the most suitable students for their degrees and together we embrace the culture changes and developments.

Students in Cyprus and Greece tend to choose from a variety levels and degree types, ranging from language and culture, foundation for university preparation, summer courses, technical courses, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Our Education Fairs are focusing on the needs of both students and higher education institutions as we bring you together under our networking activities. However, Gen Z-ers are technology oriented, FACE TO FACE interaction with higher education institutions is a MUST to them for such important decision to me made. This growing need of networking led to the launch of our unique education fairs in both Cyprus and Greece.