Education Consulting


It is our role as education consultants to help students, their parents and organizations with their educational planning and career development. Our expertise in the field of education provision either on their local or global environments, our dedication to our students and our passion in what we do are vital for the precise and ethical provision of our services.


Education at all levels is one of the primary influences that shape people and societies in general. The choice of studies and study environments are vital for the successful accomplishment of university education as well as for implanting the bases for ones’ future career.


Still there is excessive information available online these days, the majority of students and their parents face various challenges and at times struggle with endless frustrations when it comes with their educational challenges. Stress of the unknown and misleading information leads to dead ends in their decisions.

Our Team, has been training constantly over the years, visited most countries and universities in person, formed representation agreements with high profile institutions and developed our academies through which we lead you to a successful educational plan.

We are proud of our expertise which we gained, and continue to develop via personal efforts, endless travelling, seminars and meetings with institutions globally and constantly adapting to the rabidly developing higher education environments.