Cyprus Foundation Course (CYP.F)


The CYPRUS FOUNDATION COURSE (CYP.F) is the first preparatory one-year preparation course (Foundation Course), operating in Cyprus and aimed at students who wish to continue their studies in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales), Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary and Cyprus Private Universities.

The purpose of the preparatory program to prepare one-year is the provision of basic education and that is essential to familiarize our graduates how the UK higher education system works.

What makes us first choice for your studies?

  • Certified and accredited academic curriculum of the majority of UK universities.
  • Specialised courses for all areas of direction, which provide guaranteed access to comparable studies disciplines.
  • Ideal training environment offering academic support, information and advice responsibly to study development issues and your professional growth.
  • Well-designed curriculum, which combines all areas of direction, with the aim of introducing the British universities of your choice.

The programs offered include the following directions / fields of study:

Art and Design/Architecture
Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy
Business and Economics
Computer Science
Humanities and Law