Financing your studies

England & Wales

Tuition fees for undergraduate students who belong to the EU for 2017/18 is £9,250 and for postgraduate students 2017/18 is £10,609.

All students can easily repay the fees by obtaining a loan granted by the State of England. The fees are paid to the University directly from a student loan bank. The loan begins to be repaid when the student graduates and starts working and earning income above £21,000. If the graduate receive less money, they do not repay the loan. The repayment of the loan starts to be activated if the graduate works and gets an annual salary of more than 21,000 euro. The amount is considered insignificant for someone who declares income above 24,000 euro and the obligation will be to pay a percentage of their salary each month.

Our counselors guarantee the successful processing of applications for the provision of student loans through the English government. The application form for the loan is completed and sent by us after the student provides us with the necessary documents:

True certified copy of passport / or political identity

  1. Original Birth Certificate
  2. Original residency certificate
  3. Copy of the conditional university offer.
  4. Two addresses of people who know you may be relatives or not. These addresses are required if the body is unable to identify you in your address and we will write through.
  5. The home address, date of birth and contact phone number
  6. Student loan link at:

An advantage of studying in England in terms of time duration (3 years bachelor), since this greatly affects the cost of living.