Undergraduate Studies

How to find the best university for your undergraduate degree?

Choosing the best university for your undergraduate degree is not an easy task – BUT WE ARE HERE TO HELP! At Alpha Consultants we are dedicated to helping prospective students choose their course of studies, their university, prepare to study abroad, access information about costs and scholarships, and plan their future career.

Why should you contact Alpha Academic Consultants?

  • Undergraduate Study Applications Are Rising

There is no doubt that students these days are looking for better career opportunities all around the globe. This is one of the reasons they apply for admission to universities that are recognized all over the world whereas with so many students applying for foreign universities, the competition is tough.

Our education consultants can help you choose a program and university according to your career goals and create the perfect application so that you stand out from the crowd. This increases your chances of getting into universities.

  • You’ll Get Individualized Attention.

By choosing to have an education consultant by your side you immediately receive individualized attention. An education consultant will spend hours with you, analyse your academic performance, your personal characteristics and lifestyle, your will powers and attitudes and then prepare a plan to get admission to the course and university of your choice.

  • We Form Professional Relationships with Universities

If you want to study abroad at a university of your choice, an education consultant can help. They have supreme knowledge regarding foreign universities and how one can get admission to them. They will help you find universities that would be a great fit for you and create an application with a competitive edge so that you have more chances of getting in.

  • We’ll Help You Apply for Your Visa where needed

If you choose to study in a country which requires a VISA for entry, then there are quite a few procedures you need to follow and quite a few documents you need to prepare. However, there is no guarantee that you would get it without professional knowledge.

Our education consultants have enough experience to know what makes for the perfect visa application and can increase your visa acceptance chances with their knowledge.

  • We’ll Help Save Your Time

Applying to universities involves juggling a lot of things at once. You’d have to write essays, give tests, prepare for interviews, and much more. This can be overwhelming to handle alone.

Our experienced educational consultants can help you be on track throughout the process to focus on the important things.

  • We visited universities globally

We made sure that our consultants visited as many countries and universities as possible in order to receive in house training, first hand experiences and get an idea of what is like to live and study at those destinations.  Very important experiences to pass onto our students prior their final choices.

  • We love our job and we care for you!!