Czech Republic

Bachelor programs (Bakalář) last for 3 to 4 years and are the first level of education. The curriculum must be complemented by a final state examination, which usually involves the preparation of a dissertation. Graduates can start practicing directly or continue their studies in Master programs offered in related fields.

Tuition / Living Costs

According to the law, higher education in public and state institutions is free for citizens of all nationalities, with the exception of programs taught in a language other than Czech, such as English-speaking departments. Higher education institutions can set the amount of tuition, which varies from € 2,000 to € 5,000 for most specialties, excluding Medical Schools, where tuition fees range from € 7,000 to € 13,000. The prices of accommodation provided to students by the university cost about 200 € per month. It is also possible to rent private accommodation in the city costing 400 € – 500 €. Finally, the minimum subsistence cost is estimated at € 1,000 / month.

Universities in the Czech Republic

Charles University – Hradec Kralove / Studies: Medicine – Dentistry – Pharmacy

Charles University – Prague / Studies: Physiotherapy

Mazarsk University – Brno / Studies: Medicine – Dentistry

University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences – Brno / Studies: Pharmacy – Veterinary

Specialties in the Czech Republic

Medicine in the Czech Republic

Dentistry in the Czech Republic

Pharmaceuticals in the Czech Republic

Veterinary medicine in the Czech Republic

Physiotherapy in the Czech Republic