Hungarian Higher Education System dates back to 1367, when Louis I founded the first university in Pecs. Today, the education system consists of 77 institutions: 18 state universities and 14 state-funded state colleges, 25 universities belonging to the church, 14 private colleges founding foundations, and finally 6 private universities. Two new Institutions providing professional advice on the development and control of higher education were established in 1993: the Hungarian Accreditation Committee (HAC) and the Higher Education Council (HESC).

Tuition / Living Costs

Tuition fees vary between universities. Generally ranging from 3,500 € – 7,000 € and in Medical Schools at 9,500 € – 11,000 €. Housing costs are 250 € – 400 € per month in a university campus or 300 € – 400 € per month in a private apartment. Minimum cost of living including food is about € 800 per month.

Universities of Hungary

Alpha Consultants collaborate with the following Hungarian Universities offering English speaking departments:

University of Debrecen / Studies: Medicine – Dentistry – Pharmacy – Physiotherapy – Mechanical Engineer – Electrical Engineer – Chemical Engineer – Informatics – Business Administration

Eotvos Lorand University – Budapest / Studies: Informatics – Psychology

Specializations in Hungary

Medicine in Hungary

Dentistry in Hungary

Pharmaceuticals in Hungary

Physiotherapy in Hungary

Psychology in Hungary

Mechanical Engineer in Hungary

Information Technology in Hungary

Business Administration in Hungary