Slovakia is among the countries with a well-developed education system. Its first university (Universitas Istropolitana) was founded only in 1465 in the city of Bratislava. In general, education is under the control of the state or private bodies and is offered free of charge after being funded by the state. The Slovak Ministry of Education has a co-ordinating role which ensures the quality of higher education outside the Military and Police Academies under another authority. Other coordinating bodies are subordinate to the independent Higher Education Council. Institutions of higher education are legal entities and include 23 public universities, 3 State Higher Education Institutions (2 Military Academies and 1 Police Academy) and 10 private Universities.

Tuition / Living Costs

According to the law, higher education in public and state institutions is free of charge for citizens of all nationalities, with the exception of programs taught in a language other than Slovak, as is the case with English-speaking departments. Higher education institutions can set the amount of tuition, which ranges from € 7,000 to € 10,000. The prices of accommodation provided to students by the university are around 200 € per month. It is also possible to rent private accommodation in the city costing 400 € – 500 €. Finally, the minimum subsistence cost is estimated at € 1,000 / month.

Universities in Slovakia

Global Education collaborates with the following Slovak Universities offering English speaking departments:

Pavol Josef Safarik University – Kosice / Studies: Medicine – Dentistry

University of Comenius – Bratislava / Studies: Medicine – Dentistry – Pharmacy

University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy – Kosice / Studies: Veterinary Medicine

University of Technology – Bratislava / Studies: Civil Engineer – Architecture – Electrical Engineer – Chemical Engineer – Informatics – Materials Science Engineer

Technical University of Kosice / Studies: Mechanical Engineer – Informatics – Environmental Engineer – Finance / Finance

Specializations in Slovakia

Medicine in Slovakia

Dentistry in Slovakia

Pharmaceuticals in Slovakia

Veterinary medicine in Slovakia

Civil Engineer in Slovakia

Architecture in Slovakia

Mechanical Engineer in Slovakia

Information Technology in Slovakia